garbage-disposaThe garbage disposal can play a vital role in the kitchen, eliminating scraps and waste, quickly and efficiently. However, in order to keep your garbage disposal working properly, you need to take good care of it, by following a few key rules.

We’ve listed these rules to live by, for extending the life of your garbage disposal.

Never Pour Grease or Fatty Oil Down The Drain

After cooking, it can be tempting to pour leftover grease down the drain.
This is one of the worst things you can do for your entire plumbing system. The grease and oils that you pour down into your system will not drain fully. Even if you flush them down with water, it isn’t enough to remove these residuals. Over time as you send more food waste down into this system, more and more will begin to catch onto these sticky residuals until they create a complete blockage in your pipes.
Wait for your grease and oil to cool down first, then dump them into a plastic grocery bag, and then into your main trash can. Use a grocery bag to pour the cooled grease or fat into first, to avoid make a huge mess.

DIY Home Cleaning Solutions Routinely

Over the course of usage, whether you are following the rules of what you should, and should not put down your drain, you are going to need to flush out your system with a powerful and refreshing clean, routinely to maintain top performance.
Just water and dish soap won’t do the job!

To clean away some of the toughest grime, slime, and goo—Here is an Abacus Secret Recipe Cleaning Solution!

  • Pour in White Distilled Vinegar
  • Add Baking Soda
  • Allow the two substances to react
  • Add a small amount of water to get it working throughout your whole draining system
  • Turn on disposal for about 5 seconds and then shut it off
  • Once you can not hear it “fizzle” anymore run cold water through it until you have rinse it all out

Always Operate Disposal with Water

If you run your disposal without any water flowing through it, than there is no flow pressure to push the waste through. If you run the grinding blades without water than the friction that is created can cause severe damage to your disposal. Save your money, and always run your disposal with an even flow of water.
Failure to do so can results in some serious damage, and an inefficient appliance. If you have experienced this or any other plumbing issue please contact us today!

air-fryer-onlineFried food is only tasty if crispy and it can’t be if not much oil is used to fry it, right? But fried food lovers know that too much oil will kill you. That’s why Philips came out with this new, big idea of having great tasty food with 80% less oil. Sounds great and almost magic. As of course, you can’t fry food without oil. So what does this Air fryer do actually?

It uses hot air to actually hit the food. Something you would do using your microwave, or oven or grill, right? I know, that’s what most people say.

The Philips Air Fryer comes with also a recipe book. It actually does take a little space, at least more than other Air Fryers do. It seems easy to use and depending on what food you cook, also easy to clean.

Due to its lack of oil, it shows better results for frozen food as they already have some sprayed oil in them, which helps the cooking and also gives the crispiness.

If you try to fry plainly sliced potatoes, you just throw them in the basket and then leave for more than 10 minutes, trying to shake them a little a couple of times. It can cook up to 750 gr in once and less food you place inside, better the outcome. Due to its big air fan, it also makes some notable noise in the room. The final result is a nice plate of fried potatoes that you could anyway have received even through your forced-air oven. When you slice them thicker they will be almost baked rather than fried, but if you try and slice them thinner, they will be crispier.

If you try other types of food like chicken nuggets for example, the outcome might be better. They come out almost grilled, with a light brown color and they taste actually good.

The thing is that, paying more than $300 at for a kitchen tool that does nothing more than the ones you already have (like your microwave or your air-forced oven), might be not so much convenient for you, unless you really eat lots of fried food and don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for the food to be cooked.

sleeppro-reviewAfter months of my husband moaning about my snoring, I finally bought a SleepPro Standard is the cornerstone product for the company of the same name. There are now Custom and SFA versions, however this review will be focused solely on the original mouthpiece for snoring.

Classified as a Mandibular Advancement Device this device functions by holding your jaw in the forward position. Opening your airways and keeping them free from obstructions that would be created if your jaw relaxed towards your throat.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

The SleepPro Standard is fairly similar to many other MADs on the market today, however it does have some distinct features that allows it to stick out among the crowd.

Coming with two large air ports this device makes it much easier for you the breath through your mouth. Anyone who has ever used an MAD before realizes how incredibly crucial this feature is to a device.

With other MADs you don’t get any air ports to breath through, and it require you to breath through your nose. Some of them do come with air ports but they are very small, and are difficult to breath through.

If you have sinus issues, a deviated septum, nasal polups, or any other nasal problems then using a device that restricts airflow from your mouth could be very dangerous. SleepPro Standard gives you large breathing holes allowing you to breath easy for some quality sleep.

Priced less expensive than many other options you can get this MAD for $49.99 each. You can add a second one for $20. Making it one of the most highly valued devices on the market today.

Customize Fit

If you have worn a MAD before then you should be familiar with the boil and bite technique. It can be a little difficult at first, but after a couple of tries it becomes an easy process that will give you a comfortable fit.

1. Bring a pan filled with water to a boil.

2. Remove from heat and pour the water into a coffee cup or a small bowl. Let it cool for about a minute.

3. Place your mouth piece completely under the water for about 2 minutes. This will soften the silicone.

4. Using a utensil pick the mouth piece out of the water.

5. Insert the device into your mouth and bite down with your lower jaw slightly adjusted forward. Hold this position for a moment to allow the mouth piece to harden around your mouth.

6. Remove it from your mouth and place it in some ice water to cool down and give it a faster hardening process.

7. Take out the air hole retainer and check the fit in your mouth. When your mouth is closed, your jaw should be held forward. If it is uncomfortable than start the process over until it feels just right.

My Own Experience

I have tried numerous mouth pieces to stop my own snoring. Usually testing them for at least 2 weeks to get a full understanding of them. When mine was received in the mail, I quickly did my boil and bite technique so that I could have it ready by the time I went to bed.

When it was time for me to go to sleep, I put the device into my mouth and lied down in bed. I immediately noticed how easy it was for me to breath. The two air ports really do make a huge difference! I fell right to sleep with no problems, and I did notice some drooling but that is expected with a new device.

When I woke up in the morning I felt re-energized, having a terrific night of sleep. My wife shared these feelings as she was able to actually read her book before bed, I usually was too loud for her to do so.

I am happy to say, that I am still using my SleepPro Standard to this day. The benefits were overwhelming, and made it hard for me to really branch out and try anything else. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t recommend this MAD, and would suggest it for even the most severe snoring.

*This is not a paid post, this is from my own review, as I suffer from snoring.

Paragon-Induction-Sous-VideGE’s FirstBuild Microfactory has successfully put together its project and introduced in the market The Paragon Induction Cooktop. The product was crowd sourced. The cooktop will be available to its customers this month. The appliance is anticipated to be a big addition to the sous-vide device merchandise.

So far it has been a great year for sous-vide a technology that has brought more convenience into people’s kitchen. A temperature controlled water bath is used to cook food contained in air-tight and vacuumed plastic bags. Oliso SmartHub and Top were the manufacturers that introduced induction method into the market. A few more makers like Anova are now adding features like Wi-Fi connectivity to this careful cooking appliance.

Paragon Induction Cooktop is priced at $249. It took over a year for the appliance to build and enter the market. It consists of a pot that has a Bluetooth probe connected to it, which monitors and controls the water bath temperature, heated via the induction burner.

Even though I am yet to use the Paragon in detail, I am fascinated with its skillfulness. It’s a pleasant induction cooker to have on side when you are about to grill and char some water bath cooked food. A container is not included so you will have to use the best induction compatible pot you have in accordance with whatever you are cooking. On the flip side if you cook small portions you can always use smaller pots and the appliance will appear virtually small in your kitchen.

Paragon has launched an app too and it works pretty well with the name FirstBuild. But the app isn’t a compulsory to run the appliance. We cooked some Salmon fillet in sous-vide appliance and it came out to be perfect even though water bathed. Another CNET Test Kitchen operation successful.

Let us discuss a few issues concerning the water bath uniformly heating the food. While using Paragon sous vide, a steak came out unevenly cooked. Sections cut into different portions were different in their final form. Some were medium and others were well done. But more cooking is yet to be done by us to make final readings and see if Paragon manages to keep a stable temperature. Deep frying and slow cooking are also yet to be carried out with paragon in our test kitchen. Keep updated with our website for updated reviews.


Induction cooktop is 12 inches broad

Chargeable temperature probe that comes with Micro-USB cord

Apps supported on Androids and iOS

“On The Go” 3 piece Pin Wheel Crib bedding setPin Wheel Crib bedding “on the go” three piece set was sent to us to be reviewed, from Walmart. The particularly sent piece featured a boy motif, with cute little vehicles printed all over. 3 piece Pin Wheel Crib Bedding is the best options for parents on a budget who are about to setup a nursery and want to do a good job without breaking the bank.

The set looked lovely and was sure to captivate a toddler’s attention. Other styles and colors are available. Since my kids are passed toddler stage I did not have an actual nursery, so the pictures of the product posted here aren’t featured in a nursery, I just spread on my table and took photos to show you.

Other worth mentioning Features

The complete set included a comforter, a bed sheet fitting the crib size and a dust ruffle. The quality of the material was all good. Comforter seemed extra cool because it had different motif on either side. The one we were sent had tiny cars, planes and trains on one side and upon flipping you would see bold red and blue colored short stripes perfect for a boy theme and provides two changed looks for the crib.


Very economical 3 piece PinWheel Crib bedding is priced at $59.88. They can be obtained at even cheaper price! Like the one we reviewed here is available on sale for just $29.99.

Stokke Xplory StrollerKids related products that are incredible and cutting edge; Stokke sounds like a perfect contender. Stokke Xplory Stroller offered by the Stokke manufacturers, is where essence meets style. Genius construction, highly functional and convenient. Parents with little kids can truly admire owning a Stokke Xplory Stroller and how it facilitates their new lifestyle with kids on board.

A Norwegian Family owned business Stokke is among our most favorite brands we review here on our blog. As a matter of fact I owned TrippTrapp High Chair offered by them when my kids were toddlers.

The Stroller offers many genius features. The number one feature according to us is how you can change the seat direction. It can be swapped between forward and reverse positions. The feature provides moms with an excellent opportunity to calm their babies with a simple rotate of seat so they may look at mommy and stay in the stroller. This shift can be made easily and swiftly in like 5 seconds.

We have provided a video for the ease of the learning. The seat is almost weightless and it can easily be unlocked and locked firmly back in. Extra surety that seat is secure in its place can be checked with little green color showing after the clicking sound.

Many interesting features are yet to come. The handle bar can be adjusted to many heights. How cool! A bag is included with Xplory which comfortably fits into the storage area and allows us to carry necessary stuff around in the stroller.

Sunshade is installed and usable in three positions, active, rest, and regular.

The fun part; you can add an activity board for your toddler. Amazing!

Rain cover and net are also provided inside the storage bag. You never know when the weather may decide to suddenly surprise you and a well -equipped mommy can carry on with her business un-interrupted.

The price might not be as economic as in regular brands, but with Xplory you get what you pay for, it is totally worth it! Durability mixed with an incredible design that’s hard to find. Xplory is worth $1099 and can be obtained in seven different colors like grey, pink, green etc.

Our reviews are 100% ours and honest and we thank Stokke for sending us the stroller that made such a wonderful review for us and for them.

Shopkins brings to its customers super cool accessory range mingled with creativity and fun. All new Shopkin idea includes a range of stuff that includes plush, plush key-rings, bags and purses, all washable and designed for kids, pre-teens and teens to color and create their own styles in ways that is both fun and innovational. So they come with inkoo’s markers and as mentioned above are all washable, so you can create as many designs as many times, as you want. All that is needed to be done is wash, and viola, reset button pushed, all new, good to go.

Shopkins Color and Create Plush and Purses

The product hit the stores already in November 2015, so easily available by now.

Plushes, all washable, are offered in different sizes and packaged in different sets. All are supplied with markers, with varying number of markers in each set depending upon its size.

For example, plush key-chain that is priced $5.99 comes with one marker. Even though smaller than the rest of the range but has plenty of space for creativity.

  • A bigger sized plush prized at $9.99 is supplied with two markers.
  • Then there are purses and bags that range between $14.99-19.99.

All these fun stuff are shaped, priced and packaged differently and combined with markers according to the size of the package. These are not completely bare or unmarked. There are features that can be filled with colors, the spaces in between can be decorated even further and kids can write names and cool things adding a fun touch to styling and decoration. And they can always make a cuddly stuffed toy.

So now you have one more fun-filled fantastic item for gifts on occasions like birthdays and holiday season for friends and family alike. Thank you Shopkins for sending in their fun filled idea that made a fun filled awesome review for us and for them.

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