blogger-KatieI am a  determined product analyst….

I am a new day woman, with many capabilities and interests that drive me in many directions. My loved ones call me Anna and you may too.

It all started out in 2008. Nature wise I am not a very talkative person but online me has an amazing following. My two websites with purpose fetched me all the devoted admirers today.

I reside in Metro, Atlanta, Georgia, have two daughters and I am an experienced blogger. The love to learn new stuff got me started as a brand analyst and I have gained now good reputation in my field. I have two young daughters and staying on the top of every trend related to them somehow gets me very excited. Be it an event, a trip or merely a product, I screen it.

My lifestyle has turned me into expert whose advice people seek when it comes to an honest opinion or latest trends. I have been mentioned in Dr. Oz’s “the good life” magazine and you can see me at eBay’s blog as well.

I love to travel, shop, go to restaurants, play with make-up and adventures with the family. Chase my hashtag on social media or look up on Google I am easy to find. My articles make it to the top of the list on search engine rankings, so partnering with me can prove to be highly advantageous to your brand name. Keep in touch!