Ever wondered if Philips Air Fryer can really do fry?

air-fryer-onlineFried food is only tasty if crispy and it can’t be if not much oil is used to fry it, right? But fried food lovers know that too much oil will kill you. That’s why Philips came out with this new, big idea of having great tasty food with 80% less oil. Sounds great and almost magic. As of course, you can’t fry food without oil. So what does this Air fryer do actually?

It uses hot air to actually hit the food. Something you would do using your microwave, or oven or grill, right? I know, that’s what most people say.

The Philips Air Fryer comes with also a recipe book. It actually does take a little space, at least more than other Air Fryers do. It seems easy to use and depending on what food you cook, also easy to clean.

Due to its lack of oil, it shows better results for frozen food as they already have some sprayed oil in them, which helps the cooking and also gives the crispiness.

If you try to fry plainly sliced potatoes, you just throw them in the basket and then leave for more than 10 minutes, trying to shake them a little a couple of times. It can cook up to 750 gr in once and less food you place inside, better the outcome. Due to its big air fan, it also makes some notable noise in the room. The final result is a nice plate of fried potatoes that you could anyway have received even through your forced-air oven. When you slice them thicker they will be almost baked rather than fried, but if you try and slice them thinner, they will be crispier.

If you try other types of food like chicken nuggets for example, the outcome might be better. They come out almost grilled, with a light brown color and they taste actually good.

The thing is that, paying more than $300 at http://www.airfryerjudge.com/ for a kitchen tool that does nothing more than the ones you already have (like your microwave or your air-forced oven), might be not so much convenient for you, unless you really eat lots of fried food and don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for the food to be cooked.

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