Shopkins Color and Create Plush and Purses

Shopkins brings to its customers super cool accessory range mingled with creativity and fun. All new Shopkin idea includes a range of stuff that includes plush, plush key-rings, bags and purses, all washable and designed for kids, pre-teens and teens to color and create their own styles in ways that is both fun and innovational. So they come with inkoo’s markers and as mentioned above are all washable, so you can create as many designs as many times, as you want. All that is needed to be done is wash, and viola, reset button pushed, all new, good to go.

Shopkins Color and Create Plush and Purses

The product hit the stores already in November 2015, so easily available by now.

Plushes, all washable, are offered in different sizes and packaged in different sets. All are supplied with markers, with varying number of markers in each set depending upon its size.

For example, plush key-chain that is priced $5.99 comes with one marker. Even though smaller than the rest of the range but has plenty of space for creativity.

  • A bigger sized plush prized at $9.99 is supplied with two markers.
  • Then there are purses and bags that range between $14.99-19.99.

All these fun stuff are shaped, priced and packaged differently and combined with markers according to the size of the package. These are not completely bare or unmarked. There are features that can be filled with colors, the spaces in between can be decorated even further and kids can write names and cool things adding a fun touch to styling and decoration. And they can always make a cuddly stuffed toy.

So now you have one more fun-filled fantastic item for gifts on occasions like birthdays and holiday season for friends and family alike. Thank you Shopkins for sending in their fun filled idea that made a fun filled awesome review for us and for them.

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