Stokke Xplory Stroller Review

Stokke Xplory StrollerKids related products that are incredible and cutting edge; Stokke sounds like a perfect contender. Stokke Xplory Stroller offered by the Stokke manufacturers, is where essence meets style. Genius construction, highly functional and convenient. Parents with little kids can truly admire owning a Stokke Xplory Stroller and how it facilitates their new lifestyle with kids on board.

A Norwegian Family owned business Stokke is among our most favorite brands we review here on our blog. As a matter of fact I owned TrippTrapp High Chair offered by them when my kids were toddlers.

The Stroller offers many genius features. The number one feature according to us is how you can change the seat direction. It can be swapped between forward and reverse positions. The feature provides moms with an excellent opportunity to calm their babies with a simple rotate of seat so they may look at mommy and stay in the stroller. This shift can be made easily and swiftly in like 5 seconds.

We have provided a video for the ease of the learning. The seat is almost weightless and it can easily be unlocked and locked firmly back in. Extra surety that seat is secure in its place can be checked with little green color showing after the clicking sound.

Many interesting features are yet to come. The handle bar can be adjusted to many heights. How cool! A bag is included with Xplory which comfortably fits into the storage area and allows us to carry necessary stuff around in the stroller.

Sunshade is installed and usable in three positions, active, rest, and regular.

The fun part; you can add an activity board for your toddler. Amazing!

Rain cover and net are also provided inside the storage bag. You never know when the weather may decide to suddenly surprise you and a well -equipped mommy can carry on with her business un-interrupted.

The price might not be as economic as in regular brands, but with Xplory you get what you pay for, it is totally worth it! Durability mixed with an incredible design that’s hard to find. Xplory is worth $1099 and can be obtained in seven different colors like grey, pink, green etc.

Our reviews are 100% ours and honest and we thank Stokke for sending us the stroller that made such a wonderful review for us and for them.

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