The Paragon Induction Cooktop

Paragon-Induction-Sous-VideGE’s FirstBuild Microfactory has successfully put together its project and introduced in the market The Paragon Induction Cooktop. The product was crowd sourced. The cooktop will be available to its customers this month. The appliance is anticipated to be a big addition to the sous-vide device merchandise.

So far it has been a great year for sous-vide a technology that has brought more convenience into people’s kitchen. A temperature controlled water bath is used to cook food contained in air-tight and vacuumed plastic bags. Oliso SmartHub and Top were the manufacturers that introduced induction method into the market. A few more makers like Anova are now adding features like Wi-Fi connectivity to this careful cooking appliance.

Paragon Induction Cooktop is priced at $249. It took over a year for the appliance to build and enter the market. It consists of a pot that has a Bluetooth probe connected to it, which monitors and controls the water bath temperature, heated via the induction burner.

Even though I am yet to use the Paragon in detail, I am fascinated with its skillfulness. It’s a pleasant induction cooker to have on side when you are about to grill and char some water bath cooked food. A container is not included so you will have to use the best induction compatible pot you have in accordance with whatever you are cooking. On the flip side if you cook small portions you can always use smaller pots and the appliance will appear virtually small in your kitchen.

Paragon has launched an app too and it works pretty well with the name FirstBuild. But the app isn’t a compulsory to run the appliance. We cooked some Salmon fillet in sous-vide appliance and it came out to be perfect even though water bathed. Another CNET Test Kitchen operation successful.

Let us discuss a few issues concerning the water bath uniformly heating the food. While using Paragon sous vide, a steak came out unevenly cooked. Sections cut into different portions were different in their final form. Some were medium and others were well done. But more cooking is yet to be done by us to make final readings and see if Paragon manages to keep a stable temperature. Deep frying and slow cooking are also yet to be carried out with paragon in our test kitchen. Keep updated with our website for updated reviews.


Induction cooktop is 12 inches broad

Chargeable temperature probe that comes with Micro-USB cord

Apps supported on Androids and iOS

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